Why Did They Change the Cookie Monster?

May 2006

Your Question

OK, since this is true, it isn't really an urban legend, but I have to rant about it to someone: THEY ACTUALLY CHANGED THE COOKIE MONSTER TO THE VEGGIE MONSTER?!?!?

I just found out about this today!!!!

How could the creators of Seseme Street commit such an unspeakable travesty? I am now scarred for life, as will be the youth of america. (And whatever other countries Sesame Street is broadcast to.)

I mean, how can people blame child obesity on the cookie monster? How about when kids want cookies, parents just say no, instead of blaming innocent children's shows?

Anyway, my question is, what's next? are they going to put Oscar the Grouch on Prozac, or blame him for homelessness? Or make Bert and Ernie get seperate apartments to appease homophobes? Or maybe they'll blame that Count countula guy, or whatever his name is, for the rising epidemic of vampirism.

What they should really be worrying about is that grammar thing. "me want cookies." now that's a bad example for children. No "please" or anything!

Our Response

Now, now -- it's not as bad as you might think. There is no plot here to change "Sesame Street" characters in order to make them "politically correct."

The fact of the matter is that Cookie Monster was changed to Veggie Monster because he was in the early stages of developing type 2 diabetes.

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