The dangers of soy

November 2005

Your Question

I received a message from a "Health" site which claims that soy and soy products can make you sick and/or depressed. Any truth to it?

Our Response

We checked this out with a number of vegetarians and discovered that, yes indeed, soy products can make you sick and/or depressed. Here are just a couple of the many responses we received.

"I eat a lot of soy products to make sure that, as a vegetarian, I'm getting enough protein in my diet. But because I'm not much of a cook, I tend to stick with just a few easy-to-prepare soy foods, and believe me, after a few years of eating the same things over and over, I'm sick of them."

"I became a vegetarian about ten years ago. I still love the taste of meat, so whenever I eat one of those soy burgers that is supposed to taste like a real burger, I can't help thinking about how great it used to taste to have a hamburger grilled on my barbecue and I get all depressed."

In addition, soy has a weak estrogen effect and, in large amounts, has a tendency to turn men into women, which in many cases is undesirable.

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