November 2005

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It has been said, dating back to the 1800's in Europe,that on every 29th of February, an odd creature similar to a werewolf, called a Louf-Garou (pronounced,'loo-gay-ya') which literally means werewolf in French, goes on a prowl for every single female it can get its paws on. It is then said to bite or scratch her and to take it back to its residence which is usually a den/cave nearby. No one knows what it does to all these people it captures,its still a mystery. But no one ever sees those people gain.

The difference between this and a werewolf is that it stays in its form from the day before to the afternoon of the day after.

It is defeated by most herbs related to mint. It is said that if it sniffs or has consumed mint accidentally, it will return to its den and will never come out again.

Its features are just like a wolf, but is said to be extremely silver and runs the speed of a Cheetah. It has every feature of a wolf, but has round ears like a bear and a short stubby tail.

This is all I know about this odd legend, it might be a fact or just a typical legend, nobody knows...

Our Response

The louf-garou is indeed an interesting creature, but it's not all that mysterious -- they've got a couple of them at the Los Angeles Zoo (at the north end, near the Louf-Garou Mint Julep Bar).

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