How Much Men Like Sex

September 2005

Your Question

If it is true that men like sex more than women, why is it I meet so many horny women who say their husbands, significant others, live-in "lovers" etc... never have sex with them anymore, even if they have bought new Victoria Secret panties?

Our Response

It isn't true that men like sex more than they like women. In fact, by some estimates 90% of men consider women necessary for an optimal sexual experience.

There is a stereotype, however, that men are more interested in sex that women are. The truth of the matter is that in general women consider sex part of a relationship, while men consider sex part of being awake. This fact explains why women are often to think about something other than sex for extended periods of time, while men will ogle a cute doctor while undergoing an emergency field amputation.

The second part of your question, about why some women remain frisky while their husbands show no interest in them, is explained by the fact that many men have no sense of self preservation. This can lead them into behavior that promotes momentary thrills at the expense of a worthwhile long-term relationship and greatly increases their chances of waking up with the bed on fire or some important part of their anatomy haphazardly detached by a frustrated spouse.

If you're interested in more on the subject, you can write to Dear Abby and ask for her free booklet, "Why Not Clobber Your Husband?" You may also find the best-selling psychology book Women Are From Venus, Men Are Jerks helpful.

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