Urban Legends

Elvis and Jackson

The Legend

Collected on the Internet, June 2009

After the tragic death of Michael Jackson, it was revealed that there was a mystic link between Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

Consider the following:

  • Both of their last names have seven letters.
  • Both were criticized for too much emphasis on the pelvic area while dancing.
  • Both were known primarily as vocalists.
  • Both were accomplished actors.
  • Both were listed in the Book of World Records.
  • Both were married to (and divorced) a woman whose last name was Presley (Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley).
  • Both met and played with Paul McCartney.
  • Elvis was "The King;" Jackson, "The King of Pop."
  • Both looked much different near the end of their life than they did in their 20s.
  • Both met the President of the United States (Nixon and Reagan).
  • Both were secretly working with the government to overthrow subversives.
  • Both made famous performances dressed in black leather (Elvis' comeback special; Jackson's "Bad" video).
  • Both had their music featured in Disney films ("Lilo and Stitch" and "Captain EO").
  • Both were said to cross the racial boundaries between black and white (Elvish with his music; Jackson with his appearance and music).
  • Both recorded Heartbreak Hotel.
  • Both had gigantic estates with names that ended in land (Graceland and Neverland).
  • Both died at a relatively early age from complications from prescription drugs.

Behind the Legend

This may work for Kennedy and Lincoln, or Obama and Mohammed, but Elvis and Jackson? No.

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