Urban Legends

Coke and Aspirin

The Legend

If you mix Coca-Cola and aspirin and then drink the concoction, it will take you into a state of euphoria and alter your perceptions enough that you can get arrested for driving under the influence. This only works for classic, Coke, though. Aspirin and cherry Coke is an aphrodisiac, aspirin and diet coke cures indigestion and hangover, and aspirin and New Coke causes instant death.

Behind the Legend

According to the American Medical Association, controlled, double-blind tests of aspirin and Coca-Cola reveal that the concoction can relieve pain, reduce swelling, thin the blood, and lessen the chance of a heart attack in some men. The Association did not, however, choose to comment on the fact that dropping a handful of aspirin into a glass of Coke can also cause a massive explosion, or that Coke mixed with other drugs also has interesting side effects (for example, Alka-Seltzer makes Coke even more bubbly, and homeopathic sleeping pills and Coke taste exactly like Coke).

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