Frequently Asked Questions

Is this whole site about urban legends?

No, only the stuff in the Urban Legends section.

Who writes the information on this site?

There is no information on this site.

Who pays you to maintain this site?

We rely on the kindness of strangers.

Is the information on your site accurate?

No. That's kind of the point.

I'd like to volunteer to help with your site. How can I help?

Tell everyone you know that might be interested to visit us and link to us from their Web site or blog. We also could really use some input for our upcoming Misinformation section. See the Misinformatin page for details. Oh, and if you find a useful ad on one of our pages, click on it.

Can I link to your site from my site?

Sure, feel free.

May I put stuff from your site on my site?

You can link to any page on, but please don't copy our material. It's copyrighted material and all that.

We don't mind if you want to quote a paragraph or two to spread the joy around, but please include a link to the page the text is originally from.

What do I do if I find a typo on your site?

E-mail us about it.

How do I arrange to contact someone from or for an interview?

E-mail us.

I hear music when I look at some of your Web pages and it annoys me. How do I turn it off.

Seek medical attention.

All information on this site is, to the best of our knowledge, false.
If any significant true information has slipped through, we apologize.
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